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Appreciation Flowers for Healthcare Workers

During this trying period of containing the Covid-19 outbreak, many front line healthcare workers sacrificed their health and personal time with families to work long hours. Some even quit their new jobs and went back to nursing in order to help cope with rising cases. Their commitment to their job and serving the community is touching yet often overlooked. 

Little Florist Dream is launching a campaign to raise awareness for our front line healthcare workers' contribution and to raise funds for donation to The Courage Funds to help Covid-19 affected Singaporeans. Thus, we will be doing what we do best, crafting flower bouquets and putting a smile on everyone's faces.

To show your appreciation to our healthcare workers, we are accepting orders from individuals and corporations for 1 stalk flower bouquets.

1 bouquet - $15
10 bouquets - $135 ($15 off)
50 bouquets - $650 ($100 off)
*Free delivery for 3 bouquets and above. Otherwise, $15 flat delivery fee apply
**Max order of 50 bouquet per delivery day.
***Flowers and wrapping paper will come in different colors.

For every bouquet sold, we will be donating $2 to The Courage Fund. E.g. if 50 bouquets sold, we will be donating $100 to The Courage Fund- Singapore. Delivery of flower bouquets will be made to hospital of your choice or Tan Tock Seng Hospital if not preference. Please let us know otherwise. Donations will be made at end of every month and proof of donation will be posted on our social media pages.

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The Courage Fund was initially established in 2003 when Singapore was hit by SARS outbreak. It has since evolved to help COVID-19 affected Singaporeans whom are facing loss of income or families that are struggling with additional care giving duties and additional expenses for essential items. More information can be found here: https://www.comchest.sg/TheCourageFund